The pastor shall serves as the chief undershepherd and overseer of this local church, feeding, leading and nurturing the sheep. The pastor's main responsibilities are to communicate God's Word, minister to spiritual needs and provide biblical leadership for the church.

Associate minister

The associate minister serves as a right hand to the senior pastor and assists in carrying out the ministry of the church. The main responsibilities involve assuming the pastoral role in senior pastor's absence; inreach through building relationships with members while ministering to their spiritual needs and obtaining help for their physical needs when needed; and outreach to assimilate newcomers and visitors into the body of the church.

Administrative Assistant

The administrative assistant is responsible for providing professional administrative support for the pastoral staff and coordinating tasks with the church financial secretary.

Deacon Ministry

The deacon ministry is responsible for ministering to the needs of church members and offering support to the pastor according to Acts 6:1-8 and I Timothy 3:1-8.

Trustee Ministry

The trustee ministry is responsible for the overall administration of church affairs to include but not limited to all financial matters, church planning, church upkeep to include structures owned and operated by the church, church operations, financial oversight of church auxiliary functions, membership business affairs, and overall support and implementation of the mission of the church.

Director of Christian Education

The Director of Christian Education is responsible for developing and interpreting the constituency of the church educational goals and objecgtives. The Director of Christian Education identifies and appoins trained educational workers, as well a identifies cirriculum for the church educational programs.


The treasurer is responsible for presenting an accurate accounting of all monies collecte and counted at the church.

Financial Secretary

The financial secretary is responsible for maintaining an accurate tabulation of all church funds.

Minister of Music

The minister of music organizes and leads the music ministry of the church and assists the pastor during worship services.

Sunday School Superintendant

The Sunday School superintendant leads and oversees the ministry of the Sunday School. The superintendant ensures proper staffing, training and operation of the department.

Hospitality/Food Service Director

The food-service director is responsible for planning and coordinating all meals served on church grounds. This includes working in conjunction with the fellowship coordinator when fellowship events involve meals.


The usher ministry regularly participates in worship services and assists with literature distribution; welcoming, directing and seating guests and others as needed; and collecting offerings.

Missions and Evangelism

The missionary society leads the effort to maintain a comprehensive missions program in the church and is responsible for exploring missions opportunities, keeping the church informed regarding potential and ongoing missions involvement and serving as a liaison between the church and missionaries.

Nurses' Guild

The nurses guild is responsible for rendering first aid as needed during church services, activities and events. The nurses' guild shows a caring and concerned spirit in calming and ministering to individuals who need first aid.

The Young Women's Auxiliary

The Young Women's Auxiliary is responsible for planning and coordinating activities for women of the church to promote fellowship and spiritual growth and to address special needs of women.

Pastor's Aid Ministry

The Pastor's Aid Ministry is responsible for providing hospitality support to the senior pastor and guest ministers.

Transportation Ministry

The transportation ministry is responsible for safely transporting participants to and from church-related or church-sponsored activities.

Audio/Video Ministry

The audio/video ministry will record messages and special music presented during regular church worship services and occasional special services; keep an organized library of CD and DVD recordings; provide duplicate CDs and DVDs for the audio/video ministry, which provides recordings for people who are unable to attend services or who desire to share messages with others.

Youth Advisors/Youth Ministry

The youth advisors/youth ministry is responsible for providing supervision and assisting the youth activities coordinator as needed during activities that promote fun, fellowship, spiritual development and ministry involvement among youth.

Brotherhood Ministry

The brotherhood ministry organizes and leads the ministry that builds up and helps the men of the church become spiritual leaders and provides an avenue of outreach to men in the community.

Intercessory Prayer Ministry

The intercessory prayer ministry organizes and oversees the church prayer ministries of the church.


The nursery will provide proper care and nurturing to babies/toddlers during church services and special events.