Mt. Emmanuel Missionary Baptist Church

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316 Spartanburg Street
Greenville, SC 29607

Mt. Emmanuel Staff

Rev. Tony Boyce, Pastor
Rev. Sandra Peterson, Associate Minister
Rev. Glenda Mansell, Associate Minister
, Deacon Ministry Chair
Mr. David Mitchell, Trustee Ministry Chair
Ms. Katrika Means, Administrative Assistant
Mrs. Pam Sims, Financial Secretary
Mr. Chris Glover, Treasurer
, Usher President
Mrs. Betty Moore, Nurses Guild President
Mrs. Betty Moore, Sunday School Superintendant
Mrs. Lucinda Chastain, Sanctuary Choir President/Hospitality Director
Mr. Robert Moore, Male Choir President
Mrs. Ramona Evans, Youth Choir Coordinator
Tracy McCullough, Youth Advisor Coordinator
Mrs. Dorothy Pendergrass, Vacation Bible School, Director
Mrs. Schevelle Boyce, Pastor's Aid President
Ms. Ebony Durrah, Director of Christian Education
Mrs. Margaret Durrah, Missionary Society President
Ms.Dorothy Pendergrass, Young Women's Auxiliary President
Bro. David McCullough, Director of Transportation
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