The mission of our church is to give visible form to the faith and fellowship to which God has called His people
The mission of our church is to give visible form to the faith and fellowship to which God has called His people. We acknowledge ourselves to be a local manifestation of the universal church through which Jesus Christ continues to minister to the world by the work of his Holy Spirit. We shall seek to fulfill his callng through corporate worship services, a program of Christian nurture, by which our members may be built up in their faith and love, through proclamation to human need in the name of Jesus Christ. We desire to teach and demonstrate careful service to the community through outreach to youth and families. Our members are trained to serve the most common community needs such as providing food and clothing for youth and families.

2011 VISION: Power Belongs to God--Purpose, Passion, and Power

The vision of the church is to transform and train each member to become faithful missionaries at home, in their communities, on their jobs, and throughout the world. Mt. Emmanuel's purpose is to experience God's love through worship and share God's love with everyone. Our passion is to show God's love through consistent service to the local and global community. Our help comes from God who empowers all of our members to strengthen humanity.

Core Values:

  1. We believe the Kingdom of God comes through receiving God's transforming love and grace in Jesus Christ.
  2. We become the Kingdom of God by learning the power of Jesus' love through discipleship.
  3. We belong to God's universal family and therefore we must liberate others who are in need according to our faith in Jesus Christ.
Mt. Emmanuel's Service Times
  9:00am - Sunday School
10:30am - Sunday Worship
12:00pm - Wednesday Bible Study
  7:00pm - Wednesday Bible Study

Mt. Emmanuel Baptist Church
316 Spartanburg Street
Greenville, SC 29607
Ph.864.232.5152 Fax: 864.232.5161
Rev. Tony Boyce, D.Min., Pastor
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