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Summer Discipleship Reading

June 12, 2019 - July 24, 2019   Time: TBA

Starting June 12 - July 24th 2019

Join us for reading Share Jesus Without Fear by William Fay
Please post your comments about the book each Wednesday on our facebook page.

June 12th:
Ch. 1 You Can't Fail

June 19th:
Ch. 2 Catvh the Vision

June 26th:
Ch. 3 Overcome Your Fear,
Ch. 4 The Share Jesion Questions

Juy 3rd:
Ch. 5 The Power of Scripture,
Ch. 6 Bring to Decision

July 10th:
Ch. 7 What to do When Someone Receives Christ,
Ch. 8 Ready Responses to Common Objectives

July 17th:
Ch. 9 Developing and Keeping Non-Christian Friends,
Ch. 10 How to Pray for Nonbelievers

July 24th:
Ch. 11 Lets Go

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